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Hope Beacon Hill’s strength is in our relationships, we have a strong spirit of unity. Our aim is to equip the saints, be salt and light in our own neighbourhoods

The purpose for our home churches is to open our doors to others in our neighbourhood, have the opportunity to take what we love and make it how we love, and stir up the gifts we all have and share it with others.

Fellowship, worship & prayer are key components to our gatherings. Taking communion is also a great thing to do regularly, whether every time we meet or once a month.


We love how we have the opportunity to be the Church and bring hope to our neighbourhood simply by inviting someone into our homes.

Just think of it having family over. You don’t need to make a big fuss. Just make sure people can see screen, if you’re going to watch online and comfortable seating.

It’s like when you go around visiting other family members, the purpose is we visit each others homes and enjoy our time together.

Who’s in your neighbourhood?

There are a lot of anxious people in our neighbourhood who may need support & encouragement. Inviting them over for a cuppa and home church is a great way to offer support and pray for them.

No stress, if you don’t think you can host, that’s OK, our strength is not in our gifting but in our relationships. There’s something everyone can bring to a gathering.

Whether joining others live online or watching a pre- recorded service, these components help connect us to our Father.

Keep it simple

We live busy lives and appreciate that Sundays is the only day some people have a rest.

As a suggestion, home churches should be under two hours. Two hours gives the host and everyone else time to catch up, clean up and leave plenty of time to rest.

Creating space

Where two or three gather, Jesus is there. We love creating spaces where people can experience the Father’s hope, freedom, and love.

What does Home Church look like?

Take what you love and make it how you love

We have teachers, preachers, evangelists, bakers… even people who are amazing at hospitality in our fellowship. Taking what you love and making it how you love may mean, like me, I love food! I can host a home church around food and turn it into a potluck home church. If you love to teach, turn it into a home church that focuses on teaching Scripture.

Remember you don’t have to host every week and we can visit others home churches another week. This will allow us all to get around and enjoy different home churches.

Just remember to stay home if you’re feeling unwell or if you’re hosting, cancel it. Our service will be online to watch.


If you’re not planning to watch the service online which will include a worship set, create your own worship set using iTunes, Spotify, Apple music or Youtube.


Pray for our country, our fellowship and any other prayer requests.

TIP: Ask someone other than the host to pray eg. kids.


As a fellowship we’ll go through the same message as we journey together. A message will be online for you to watch and discuss.

Choose one person eg. Dad or Mum to go through the message notes for Sunday, prepare their own notes to complement the message notes and facilitate the sharing.

To make it easy, here’s the SOAP method to do your own Bible study.


During this time in our world, we believe taking Communion like Jesus and His disciples, is a great way to focus on the finished and perfect work of the Cross, and His promises.

Tip: Don’t make it too long, maybe someone else can take communion other than the facilitator. Doesn’t have to be long, just some thoughts or a verse from the Bible.

Click here for verses on Communion