Nau mai haere mai

We love people, love fellowship, love God

What does a usual Sunday morning look like?

We are informal and treat Sunday morning like a family gathering, that’s why we start off with morning tea and allow time to catch up with each other.  

We love the acoustic sound and often use worship clips which helps us experience heartfelt worship – you can stand, sit, or find a quiet place to just be still. No hype, just be you.   

We have a fantastic Kids Church programme (11 yrs and under – but we’re super flexible if they’re older and want to go) so your kids will be well catered for. The kids take part in our corporate praise and worship then leave soon after that to our kids area. 

We usually follow a message series or themes. Our messages aim to encourage, challenge and be applicable to everyday life, you’ll find that at the end of the talk, we often break in to discussion groups to discuss what we just heard and pray for each other.

You’ll find most people linger at the end and what we love most after the service is you won’t see the Pastor praying for people, you’ll often see people praying for each other. 

We would love to welcome you this Sunday. Come relax, have fun and enjoy His presence. 

Nau mai haere mai, afio mai.